December Miracles

As we get ready for this holiday season, I have been pondering the dichotomy of pain and joy in my heart. Apparently, they can coexist. I think it's just part of being a human being sometimes, emphasis on the being. Being caught in the liminal space between almost there and not yet-- it's as if a… Continue reading December Miracles


15 Hysterical Pumpkin Spice Products to Get Your Fall On

Whether you love pumpkin spice or hate it, you're sure to know someone who will enjoy this list of hilarious-yet-useful fall pumpkin spice items. Cheers to every mom and woman who freaks out every fall for their pumpkin spice lattes. This list is for you! Enjoy! 1. First of all, you're going to want to… Continue reading 15 Hysterical Pumpkin Spice Products to Get Your Fall On

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Side Note: Some More Goals

Part of my journey has been allowing myself to look forward to the future. This is huge, because my brain for so long has been in a pattern of beating myself up about what has happened in the past: if only this, if only that, if only only only... and while there is some value in taking… Continue reading Side Note: Some More Goals

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Dear Abby: You’re Four!

You asked for a tea party birthday. I dressed you up in a pretty dress and did your hair with butterflies and sparkles. You added an assortment of things to an old pearly bag of mine; things to take care of your Bitty Baby. Bitty Baby had a special dress, too. At the castle, you… Continue reading Dear Abby: You’re Four!

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Bucket List Places

Have you ever gone about a boring, usual day when BAM-- someone unexpectedly smacks you upside the head with how wonderful they are? Have you ever spoken with a stranger and thought man, I wish I could get to know that person better? Where, the more they talked, you wished you could hear more of… Continue reading Bucket List Places